About Inked Pro

Inked Pro strives to be a highly successful and innovative Miami based apparel T shirt printing company with a rich history and a strong focus on customer satisfaction and creativity with a streetwear vibe. Here are some key points we are voted the best in Miami :

  • Visionary Founder: Rudy Mage is the driving force behind Inked Pro's success. His journey from starting the business out of the trunk of his car to becoming a leader in the apparel printing industry is inspiring.
  • Diverse Clientele: The company has a diverse clientele that includes big names in various industries, including sports (NFL, NBA, MMA), music, and more. This suggests a wide range of capabilities and the ability to cater to different printing needs.
  • Experienced Leadership: Rudy Mage and managing partner Jose Calistyle Jolguera bring decades of experience in creative graphic and web design, screen printing, sublimation, and embroidery. They are hands-on mentors to the company's team, ensuring high-quality results.
  • Expanding Services: Inked Pro has expanded its production facility to offer a comprehensive range of services, including M&R automatic. screen printing 5 to 6 colors for large volume orders, manual screen printing for those delicate jobs, full cut & sew sublimation for your custom activewear and team sports apparel, In-house embroidery with a speciality in hats, Outdoor signage for banners and weather resistant stickers and Direct to film for those short run full color requests.
  • Customer Satisfaction: The company emphasizes customer satisfaction by allowing clients to thoroughly review their printing orders before finalizing the process.
  • Commitment to Growth: Rudy Mage & Jose “Calistyle” Jolguera expresses a commitment to continuously improving techniques and technology to meet the evolving needs of clients and the industry.
  • Expression Through Custom Printing: The company recognizes that custom printed apparel allows individuals and organizations to make impactful statements about culture, fashion, trends, and diversity.

Inked Pro's 2 Headed Dragon:
Rudy "Mage" Montjoy & Jose Jolguera

Rudy Mage's entrepreneurial journey and Jose Jolguera's 35+ years of experience in creative media are valuable assets for the company. Rudy's entrepreneurial spirit can help drive the company's growth and adapt to changing market trends, while Jose's extensive experience in creative media can contribute to the quality and design aspects of their t-shirt printing services.

Overall Inked Pro has a strong team and a clear commitment to success in the printing industry, making it a noteworthy player in Miami's t-shirt printing scene.

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