Cut and Sew Sublimation Printing Services

We provide sublimation printing service called “cut and sew all-over printing.” The printing is done before the garment is assembled. This process is a bit more labor intensive— but the final product is well worth it. Normal production is 2 to 3 weeks upon design approval.

Cut & sew sublimation process produces extremely high quality results and provides options for customization that sets the garment apart from the competition. Most of the time this process is used for team functions, trade shows or events. We can produce all types of garments. Long sleeve fishing type shirts, short sleeve jersey, polos hoodies using performance fabrics. Your imagination is the only limit. Give the experts @inkedpro a chance to excel your marketing efforts to the stratosphere.

Our last few projects have been geared towards pressure washing company dry fit shirts. Our designs are attention grabbing using only the best dye sublimation technologies.

What is My Benefit in Cut and Sew Sublimation Printing?

InkedPro Print & Design Studio is a pioneer in Sublimation Printing Services across the town. InkedPro advantage, combine that with best-in-class DTF printing services in Miami, offers a wide range of benefits. These benefits are as follows:

InkedPro Advantage

  • Our quality Cut and Sew Sublimation Printing offers you freedom from creasing, blurring, and smudging. These issues are usual and ordinary with standard sublimation printing services.

  • Your Choice, Your decoration! Our customized and demand-based cut and sew sublimation printing ensures that you get on-demand printing. Every part of your garment is printed as per your wish and demand because we believe you are the ultimate creator!

  • If the budget doesn't constrain you, enjoy the freedom to choose and decorate with embroidery, screen printing, and other garment decoration.

How do you proceed with the Cut and Sew Sublimation Printing Process?

  • The process is the crux of any business. The more transparent and crystal-clear it is, the better results are ensured.
  • Select a stock pattern style. You can build a custom pattern according to specifications as well.
  • Special sublimation transfer paper is printed with the help of special dyes and a large format printer.
  • Heat press transfers this design from the special paper to the garment. This step takes 45 seconds.
  • We sourced the ultimate professional sewing and apparel manufacturer locally. You would say 100% made in the USA 305 to be exact. We are a Miami based dye sublimation printer.

Price list:
6 minimum
$60 SS (Short Sleeve)   $65 LS (Long Sleeve)   $70 HOODIE - LS/SL

12 to 23
$40 SS  $45 LS  $50 HOODIE - LS/SL

24- 50
$35 SS  $40LS   $45 HOODIE - LS/SL

51- 100
$30 SS  $35 LS  $40 HOODIE - LS/SL


Award winning design on a per quote basis

$40 set-up if design provided
Designs provided must use our patterns
Inkedpro also provides DTF printing services and Screen Printing services in MiamiBook now ! 305-726-1778


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