Inked Pro Setting the Bar High for the Printing and Design Industry

The field of arts and design can be harnessed in a variety of ways. It is a versatile field that can hold so much depth through its varieties of expressions and applications. With the advent of printing technology and graphic design, both industries have found a comfortably seamless intersection in the confines of t-shirt printing. Within this intersection of arts and design exists Rudy Mage and his renowned company Inked Pro.

Inked Pro is a design studio operating straight out of Miami, Florida's Garment District. The company has amassed decades worth of experience in serving its local community and a host of diverse clients all across the entire United States of America. Rudy's brand is fully dedicated towards providing high-quality products, putting overall client satisfaction above all else in the name of shaping the field of arts and design in the graphic printing industry...

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